Do eyelash extensions ruin your natural lashes?


No. Eyelash extensions are attached individually and shed with your natural lash or fall off at the end of the glue cycle. Extensions are not attached to adjacent lashes and there is no damage to the natural lashes.

Can you use Mascara?


A water based, non clumping and dissolvable mascara can be used inbetween fills but is not recommended for everyday use.

Lookie-Loo Lashes: Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the extensions last?


4-6 weeks. As you build on your fills your extensions will eventually be on different glue cycles. The handle and care for the extensions also factors into the longevity of the glue and extensions lasting for longer periods of time.


Can I wear makeup or mascara?


Yes, We recommend mascara and eyeliner that are made for extensions. Mascara must be water based and eyeliners must not run or fall into the extensions. Oil free products are the best! AVOID waterproof mascara because it will ruin your extensions!


Can I curl my lash extensions?


NO! NO! NO! The extension has a beautiful curl to them and an eyelash curler will break the extension.



How long can I wear extensions?


At the Lookie-Loo Studio, we assess your lashes every 6 months to see how your natural lashes are holding up. IF you we see you need to a break from extensions we recommend a four-week period to revamp your natural lashes. After this period you are clear for another 6 months of extension wear. If you do not want a break or can’t imagine going 4 weeks without extensions, then we recommend starting our eyelash enhancer kit. This will stimulate the growth of your natural lashes as well as making them longer and stronger. The enhancer is compatible with your extensions and the natural lashes will be in better shape than when you started your extensions.


Is it ok to participate in outdoor activities?


ABSOLUTLEY!!! They are made to play hard. Enjoy all your activities with no mascara clumping or running under your eyes and look bright eyed all day and night.

What is an Eyelash Extension?


A synthetic hair that is attached to your natural lashes, one at a time. The Extension is attached with medical grade adhesive glue, holding the extension to the natural hair. The extension and glue do not touch the eyelid or any neighboring lash hair. It is weightless and this is a non-invasive procedure. Eyelash extensions add length, curvature, and thickness to your natural lashes and eyes.


Do extensions ruin your natural lashes?


NO, when applied correctly the natural lash will continue it’s normal 60-90 day growth cycle undisturbed. Glue application MUST be flawless with no clumping and no two lashes glued together. No glue should touch the eyelid or skin, and should be 1-2 millimeters away from the lid. The proper weight of the extension should be lighter then the natural lash.


Will extensions make my eyes look like a strip lash or a hairy caterpillar?


How your lashes are naturally is what we can work with. This is the starting pallet for the Lookie Loo Lash Designers. Not only are we highly trained in application, but also we specialize in designing the extensions to each clients own eye anatomy. We created multi-layer Design a technique that includes using 3-4 different extension lengths that design the eye have depth and contour that no mascara can ever create.


What should I avoid when caring for my lashes?


Steam and oil love to break down the glue. Avoid activities that involve heat or steam and products that are oil based. Use oil free products on the lashes or around the eye area.


How often do I need to get fills?


The average client books fills every 2-3 weeks. This depends on their own life styles and the way they care for their extensions.