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Event Sets are great for any Special Event you are attending.  Whether you want to stand out for photographs, Night on the Town, Weddings, Photo Shoots or you just want that Hollywood Star Look, Event Sets by Lookie-Loo Lashes will complete your look for your special Day or Evening.

Adding Color to your Eyelash Extensions are a great way to style-up your eyelashes.  We can add any color you want to your eyelash extensions.  Whether you want to match an outfit for a special occasion or just want to add a flare of color, Lookie-Loo Lashes can do it for you.  

Lookie-Loo Lashes: Highlighting

Some clients may choose to perm their lashes instead of getting extensions or perm their lashes first to gain a curlier extension.  If you have naturally straight eyelashes or eyelashes that have a downward angle to them, perming your lashes prior to getting lash extensions will greatly enhance the "curl" appearance when the extensions are applied.

Lookie-Loo Lashes: Lash Perming

Lookie-Loo Lashes: Before & After "Chop Jobs"

Terri had been going to a previous extensionist for over 3 yrs before coming to Lookie-Loo Lashes. When she came to us Terri said her lashes were heavy feeling and she was very sensitive to the glue. The quality of work she recived is typical of local salons that apply extensions without integrity, honesty and the proper training. We applied the correct application of lash extensions where NO lashes were glued together and NO lash glue was applied to the lids. We put her on an eyelash enhancer and slowly brought her natural lashes back to health while continuing her lash extensions. Terri now has been with Lookie-Loo lashes for over 3 yrs and her natural lashes are long and growing strong. Her extensions have doubled because of more lash growth and the proprietary technique (Multi-Layered Designed) developed by Lookie-Loo Lashes. Terri was never sensitive to the glue, she was just so caked on with old extensions and glue everywhere that it was causing such skin irritation to her eyes and lids. Terri's says her lashes now feel weightless and are more beautiful that they have ever been. We fixed that!!!!!

This client came to Lookie-Loo Studio from another salon with prior lash extensions that were glued together which made her loose most of her natural lashes. Our studio removed her prior lashes and gave her a proper safe application with clean lines and her lashes are now able to breath and grow at there natural cycles. Over time her lash extension set will increase to a beautiful full set